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British celebrity Lacey Banghard topless pictures

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For real, I mean for real what do they feed the celebrity models in London, these girls have massive natural tits. I look at so many US celebritys every day, and hardly any of them are busty, most are practically titless. Then I switch over to the London celebrity blogs and you get flooded with big natural boob babes. When I saw this photo of Lacey Banghard topless I hope and pray one of the big boob US magazines fly her out soon so we can see more of her. The big difference with the British is they grow up where nudity is nothing to them, their beaches are topless, their nude beaches are in the open, and this just brings out the best in celebritys. In the US we are so uptight about everything to do with sex and nudity yet fund all the porn sites online and have graphic porn magazine, but heaven forbid we allow topless tanning on our beaches. If we did here at Busty Celebritys I could show you more US celebrity boobs, but honestly girls like Lacey Banghard, Lucy Pinder, Sophie Howard are so amazing I don’t care I just wanto show boobs. I mean the closest thing we have in the big natural boob celebrity department here in the US is Kim Kardashian, her tits are great, but the only time we saw them was in her celebrity sex tape.

Busty Celebritys Lacey Banghards big natural boobs

Busty Celebritys Lacey Banghards big natural breasts

July 21st, 2011
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