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Celebrity Tila Tequila needs her boobs redone

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I am not ashamed to say but I watched the Tila Tequila celebrity sex tape, AND I liked it, I like it a lot. This girl knows how to lick pussy and loves getting her pussy licked too, but what girl does’nt. I was a little suprised though watching the Tila Tequila sex tape because her body looked great in it. She has just the right size boobs, and a suprisingly nice and wet pussy too. Being Busty Celebritys and our love for boobs, especially celebrity boobs I was rather upset when I saw this picture of Tila Tequila at a concert and the boobs looks terrible. So now I am confused because in the sex tape her boobs look great, but in person not so much.

Celebrity sex tape star Tila Tequila's fake boobs

Celebrity sex tape star Tila Tequila's fake breasts

Tila if you are reading this, please try get Eva Amurri to do some lesbian action with you please, oh yeah, and tape it please ;)

June 27th, 2011
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