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David Beckhams ex assistant Rebecca Loos topless

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So I got to give this one Beckhams wife Victoria, she wins in the boob battle here with Rebecca Loos. Rebecca Loos  who was brought to media attention following claims that she conducted an affair with the married football player David Beckham while employed as his personal assistant. These allegations made her into a media personality, and she has since appeared on several reality television series. I love the fact that she goes to beach and proudly runs around topless showing off her big boobs. Now is the a celebrity, well she was briefly in the press but who knows I just saw her big natural tits and wanted to make sure you got to enjoy them on Busty Celebritys.

Busty Celebritys Rebecca Loos topless at the beach

Busty Celebritys Rebecca Loos topless at the beach

 You have heard me say a million times now I love seeing these busty celebritys topless and natural at the beach showing off their bare chests. Rebecca Loos does have a great pair of tits so why cover them up, and we are glad she did’nt so we can enjoy this busty celebritys boobs. Beckham if you did bang her, you wife is way hotter but I understand if you played with her tits since they are great.

July 26th, 2011
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