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Jenny McCarthy has a great set of boobs

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I am not shy to say I am a fan of Jenny McCarthy, and for her age she puts girls a lot younger to shame. Sure this celebrity babe has had her boobs enhanced but really who has’nt and they look great. Jenny McCarthy just did another shoot with Playboy, I mean she is up there in Pam Anderson numbers with Playboy shoots and she looks hot hot hot. Its seems like now that this big boob celeb is out on the circuit again she is going back to her moneymaker, her hot body, and do you blame her. The reality of life is everyday we wake up we are day older, and at some point gravity kicks in and for woman those big fun bags aka boobs drop low. So at Busty Celebrity we really encourage our celebritys to keep those tits in tip top shape so we can keep looking at them, a little selfish? Maybe a little, but we love seeing celebrity boobs!

Jenny McCarthys celebrity Playboy topless shoot
Jenny McCarthys celebrity Playboy topless pictorial

Not all big boob celebritys can be Lucy Pinder we know that, so if you got to call the doctor and get some big fake boobs go for it, just make sure you show them off in public please. I mean look at the amazing boob job that Jessa Hinton got done on that tiny body, they stand up pretty good to celebrity sex tape star Kim Kardashian.

August 2nd, 2011
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