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I love Lucy Pinders big natural boobs

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I mean for real, Lucy Pinders huge tits are just amazing and she is obviousely making good money to keep showing them in England. This week Interviu magazine released some new picture of this busty celebrity. I fell in love with her big tits when we found her topless beach pictures but now it just keeps getting better and better. Everywhere I look ther boobs are being praised and so they should be. Very few celebrity models should always be topless and she is one of them, just the way her big natural tits fit her body is perfect. I really like this pic of Lucy Pinder on her back showing off her big tits and makes me imagine what I would see in my dreams as I was on top of her pounding away ;)

Big natural boob Lucy Pinder in Interviu Magazine naked
Big natural boob Lucy Pinder in Interviu Magazine naked photographs

I got to say if Kim Kardashian needs money which she will at some point she needs to start doing topless shoot since her boobs are big natural too and she is still hot and young. At the least it would be nice of Kim Kardashian and her sister Courtney could sneak some topless pictures of them at their family pool tanning I am sure her mom could sell those for a ton of money, and we know the Kardashians love the money.

July 28th, 2011
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