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MTV celebrity Audrina Patridge naked pictures

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Normally when I get home at night its late and as I scan the channels I come across MTV show about the life of semi celebrity Audrina Patridge. So as I was scanning my usual celebrity blog sites looking for celebritys showing off their big boobs I came across Audrina Patridge naked. I am not even sure why these pictures were taken but alas her this celebrity is naked. I got to say when she wears clothes her boobs make her look real busty, but without them you can see she has a good boob job and did not go to big. Either way lets us all welcome MTV celebrity Audrina Patridge to the Busty Celebritys family. Insert Golf Clap here ;)

MTV celebrity Audrina Patridge models naked in the bathtub

MTV celebrity Audrina Patridge models nude in the bathtub

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July 14th, 2011
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