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Roxana Martinez naked in Playboy Mexico

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Holy shit, what a body on this milf, and of course what a pair of tits. Roxana Martínez is a South American sex symbol and entertainer. She is known primarily for her appearances on VIP Big Brother 3. The buxom blonde relishes in the nickname given to her by the South American paparrazzi — “La Tetanic”, a pun that combines “tits” (“tetas”) with “Titanic.” She can often be found on Latin television or on the red carpet wearing outfits with low-plunging necklines that emphasize her cleavage.

Despite the fact that she often plays stereotypical blonde roles, Roxana considers herself a very focused and intelligent performer. She studied for 10 years at the National Dance Conservatory in Argentina prior to launching her career as a singer/actress.

Big boob Roxana Martinez naked in Playboy Mexico
Big boob Roxana Martinez naked in Playboy Mexico

Playboy Mexico has really been stepping it up lately with their big boob busty celebritys, it seems Mexico has some great big titty celebritys that like the Playboy checks. So lets hope this trend continues here at Playboy America and we start to get some of our big boob celebritys like Heather Graham to do a nude shoot, because her body is fucking amazing. Not that Pam Anderson is bad to look at and Jenny McCarthy but some more of our local busty celebritys need to step up and at least get topless for Hef and the Playboy group.

August 4th, 2011
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